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What is Pilates?

Pilates is truly core stabilization and works the powerhouseThe powerhouse consists of the deep abdominals (transverses abdomens), gluteals (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus), inner thighs (adductors),and hip extensors (illiospsoas). Activation of these muscles helps to support the spine in movement..

Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protégée says pilates is simply: Strength and Stretch with Control.

What creates strength? Pilates builds and stretches muscles through cocentric, eccentric and isometric contractions. These contractions create stretch in the opposing muscle groups. The result is a longer, stronger muscle.

How do we do it? Using spring-resistance based equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, pilates creates a constant 'push-pull' effect in the body making the over 500 exercises continually challenging.

The six principles of pilates are CenteringPilates exercises help to Center the body by creating a strong base of support - just as a building needs a strong foundation, so do human bodies!, ConcentrationPilates challenges the mind through Concentration - focusing on muscles you perhaps don't even know you have because they are deeper than the muscles we can see, thus working the body from the inside out., ControlPilates creates Control in movement which helps prevent injury and promote overall physical wellness., BreathThe dynamic use of Breath creates more opposition and resistance, acting as an 'internal spring' to resist against., PrecisionJoseph Pilates said…’slowly and smoothly with ultimate control’. This is the Precision we are striving for in every exercise., FlowFlow, the final principle, happens when the client performs exercises in smooth succession; one exercise flows into the next with grace and ease, poetry in motion..